Long Covid: study associates blood pattern with difficulty exercising – 05/23/2022

A recent study points out that the high index of markers related to blood clotting in people with long covid may indicate difficulty in practicing physical exercises.

The analysis, published in the journal Blood Advances this month, followed 330 people with persistent symptoms three months after being infected with the coronavirus, with the majority (83%) not requiring hospitalization.

The researchers compared the amount of von Willebrand protein (VWF), which acts in clot formation, in proportion to ADAMTS13, responsible for reducing this activity.

According to the researchers, about 20% of people had lower than expected physical performance. And, of the percentage, 55% had VWF/ADAMTS13 levels equal to or greater than 1.5, which is not directly associated with long-term covid, but indicates difficulties in exercising.

Clot formation can impact nutrient and oxygen levels, causing symptoms of long-term covid – mainly fatigue, headaches and muscle aches, as well as mental confusion. According to the researchers, more studies are needed, but the analysis paves the way for treatments focused on prolonged symptoms after coronavirus infection.

The tests

Participants performed two physical tests at a clinic. In the first, resistance and exercise capacity, such as walking at normal speed for six minutes and alternating between sitting and standing repeatedly for one minute, were evaluated.

An oxygen monitor was used and the researchers even analyzed the levels of lactate, a compound that alerts the body when there is little oxygen during muscle activity.

The risk of clots was measured by blood tests. Afterwards, people were divided into two groups, considering the levels of VWF/ADAMTS13.

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