New PS Plus: if you subscribed at a discount, you need to compensate at the time of the upgrade; no choice of term

The new PS Plus was launched in Asia this Monday (23). With that we had the list of games and information of PS1 games. But there is a bit of unexpected news regarding those who want to upgrade their plan.

On Reddit, an Asian user explained how Sony is charging for their subscription upgrade. Basically, there are two important points:

  1. You cannot choose how long you want in the new subscription. It will be the same as how long your current subscription is still valid. If your PS Plus, for example, lasts for another 5 years, you can only subscribe to the new plan for 5 years. You cannot subscribe for less time.
  2. The upgrade price varies for each user.

The second point is generating a lot of controversy because we still don’t know exactly what formula Sony is using to charge each user for the upgrade.

The initial theory is that it would be billed per month. That is, you would have to pay the monthly plan fee at the time of the upgrade and there would not be the discount that exists for the annual plan.

But the current theory that closes in on the math is that Sony ignores the discount the user paid on the current PS Plus. That is, see the calculations made on Reddit:

  • For example, you bought 1 year at 25% off, which is $45. To upgrade to the extra plan, you need to pay 100-45 = 55$, not 100-60=40$.
  • A real example from Taiwan: 1070 days left, 3593 NT$ needed to upgrade to the extra plan. He explained that he always buys an annual subscription for 761 NT$ (1188$ originally). So that your 1070 days are worth 1070/365 days*761 = 2230NT$. An extra plan costs NT$1988 annually. 1070 days for extra plan need 1070/365*1988=5827 NT$. 5827(total price) – 2230 (he has already paid) =3597NT$. The console claims that the price to be paid is 3593$.

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