Baby with suspected acute hepatitis of unknown cause dies in RN, says secretariat | large northern river

The first patient with suspected acute hepatitis of unknown cause in Rio Grande do Norte was a 4-month-old baby who died on May 17. The information was confirmed by the Health Department of Mossoró, the city where the baby was hospitalized.

The first suspected case in RN was released by the State Department of Public Health (Sesap) on Monday (23). At the time, despite being questioned, Sesap did not report the patient’s health status.

The baby was from Serra do Mel and was admitted to Hospital Wilson Rosado, in Mossoró, on May 8. The death occurred on the 17th. According to Morgana Dantas, Mossoró Health Secretary, the municipality awaits the results of tests to determine the cause of death. “We are still waiting for test results to make the diagnosis. But it is too early to talk about a mysterious hepatitis or hepatitis of unknown etiology”, she said.

According to her, “the baby had symptoms of respiratory discomfort, dyspnea, cough, fever, pneumonia. She was also a child with Down syndrome, had kidney damage and congenital heart disease. Everything was done to keep this baby alive, but without success”.

The State Department of Public Health (Sesap) reported that the investigation of the suspected case of severe acute hepatitis should be completed this Tuesday (24).

THE g1 asked the Ministry of Health if there was notification of the death of this suspected case, but did not get a response until the last update of this article.

The Ministry of Health reported that, until Monday (23), 76 suspected cases of acute hepatitis were reported in Brazil. Of these, 12 were discarded and 64 remain under investigation.

The cases under investigation are in São Paulo (24), Minas Gerais (8), Rio Grande do Sul (5), Pernambuco (5), Rio de Janeiro (4), Mato Grosso do Sul (3), Santa Catarina (3 ), Paraná (2), Espírito Santo (2), Goiás (2), Ceará (2), Rio Grande do Norte (1), Maranhã (1), Rondônia (1) and Paraíba (1).

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