CEJAM opens job vacancies in São Paulo

THE CEJAM offers new opportunities in São Paulo for skilled workers looking for a job. The organization allows qualified professionals to enter the market in the specific requirements of the jobs. To gain access to one of the vacancies, the qualifications for the vacancies and location are listed below.

CEJAM opens job vacancies in São Paulo
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CEJAM opens job vacancies in São Paulo

The Center for Studies and Research Dr. João Amorim, or just CEJAM, was conceived as a philanthropic health entity and today, it consolidates itself as a great supporter of the SUS and is looking for new professionals for its team.

In terms of available vacancies, the CEJAM requires professionals with secondary and higher education with expertise in the fields of Nursing, Administration, Information Technology and compatible areas.

Vacancies and their respective locations are listed below, based on Infojobs website:

  • Nursing Technician (São Paulo / SP);
  • Obstetrician Nurse (São Roque / SP);
  • Nutrition Technician (Carapicuíba / SP);
  • Pharmacy Assistant (Carapicuíba / SP);
  • Talent Bank (São Roque / SP);
  • Nurse (Itapevi / SP);
  • Young Apprentice (Carapicuíba / SP);
  • Pharmacy Assistant (São Paulo / SP);
  • Speech therapist (Santos / SP);
  • Orthopedic Immobilization Technician (São Paulo / SP);
  • Information Technology Assistant (São Roque / SP).

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apply for positions

Due to the profile sought by the CEJAM, professionals interested in one of the positions must apply for the positions available in the participation link.

Find out more about the job openings posted daily here, at Notícias Concursos, and check out first-hand the opportunities available to large companies.

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