Doctor under investigation after offensive comments about patients

A doctor is being investigated by the CRM-PR (Regional Council of Medicine of Paraná) after a series of posts on Twitter complaining about the conduct of the patients themselves, attributed to her, generating revolt on the social network. Screenshots of the offending comments circulate displaying the health worker’s name and image. The account has been deactivated on the social network.

The publications would have been carried out throughout April and May. The most recent is from Saturday (21), in which the account, identified as Mari Lima, publishes a text in which it states that the patient has to be “very daughter of a bitch” to go to the emergency room at 1 am. urinary tract infection relief. “There’s no other expression to describe it,” she posted at 0:53.

Another post criticizes pregnant women, on May 17 at 2:14 pm. “Pregnant women are all referred from an open maternity hospital and come to the UPA [Unidade de Pronto Atendimento] when it starts to give birth. F*** that gave birth, woman. Leave me in peace”.

On May 11, at 3:27 pm, another publication also caught the attention of social media users. “Today the patient turned to me and said: ‘My problem is that I have two tonsils.’ [é o novo] ‘I have a thyroid'”, posted user Mari Lima.

In April, on the 17th, at 9:14 am, the comment: “What’s the point of coming to the emergency room on a holiday for something you’ve been feeling for more than 30 days.”

wanted by UOL, the Municipality of Almirante Tamandaré (PR), confirmed that the account is attributed to the doctor Mariana de Lima Alves and that she was removed from her duties. The CRM-PR confirmed that she is registered with the municipality and said it had instituted a procedure “to investigate a complaint in which disrespectful comments, with patients and the principles that govern the activity, would have been shared on social media by a medical professional.”

“The procedure takes place in secrecy, in respect of the right to full defense and contradictory. The Council reaffirms its zeal to preserve Hippocratic values”, completes the statement.

THE UOL tried to contact her by phone and messages, but had not received a response until the time of publication of this report. The space remains open for demonstration.

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