Meet this amazing new fantasy game!

The Dust studio has announced that it is developing a new fantasy adventure game. The announcement was made this Monday (23).

Meet this amazing new fantasy game!

The new game from the Polish studio is titled: I, The Inquisitor and along with the announcement, the game won a trailer that you can check out below:

According to Gematsu’s description, the game:

I, The Inquisitor is a dark fantasy adventure game with action elements and tough moral choices. Based on the Inquisitor book series by Jacek Piekara, the adventure takes place in an alternate religious timeline.

You are Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor in the service of God, sent to the city of Konigstein, plagued by a series of mysteries and sins. Solve the various cases and crimes of those who have transgressed against the faith, while uncovering the truth of a darker evil from another realm that is trying to enter the world of the living.

I, The Inquisitor is based on the books by Polish writer Jacek Piekara and should bring “tough moral choices” as well as plenty of action. The player’s role is to be the “supreme jury”, to reinforce the people’s faith in God and maintain order.

The game does not yet have a set release date and will come to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

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