Ministry of Economy suggests readjustment in monthly health plans

Information from the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) suggests a readjustment in the monthly fees of health insurance. The change, if approved, will involve both individual and family plans.

However, the exact calculation that will be able to define the new values ​​is still being carried out by the agency, and should be announced by the Ministry of Economy after completion. However, the ANS already sent to the folder at the beginning of this month of May, the calculation of the index for the annual adjustment.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Association of Health Plans (Abramge), predicts that the percentage for 2022 should approach 15.8%. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind that the health insurance make up the only regulated sector that had a negative adjustment last year, at a margin of -8.19%.

The percentage directly reflects lower medical and hospital expenses in 2020 than in 2019. The reason is related to the postponement of elective procedures due to social distancing restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a note, the Ministry of Economy said that it will officially manifest itself on the matter only when the assessment of the readjustment of the health insurance is completed, a step that follows without prediction. According to Abramge, expenses calculated in 2021 significantly exceeded those of 2020.

The result was a high hospital occupancy rate. The reason is linked to two main factors. The first is the gradual return of services suspended at the beginning of the pandemic, and the second consists of the second wave of infections of the new coronavirus, which came even stronger than the first.

“Other factors that had an impact were the global inflation of inputs (materials, equipment and medicines) and the exponential rise of the dollar, currency linked to most medical and hospital supplies used in Brazil”, added the folder in a note.

For the National Federation of Supplementary Health (FenaSaúde), the appropriate readjustment would be 15.7%.

According to the entity, the increase in the price of the most varied items, such as the price of medicines and medical supplies, the strong resumption of elective procedures, together with the impact of Covid-19 treatments and the inclusion of new mandatory coverage in the health insurance directly impact this readjustment.

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