Monkey pox: Anvisa suggests mask, hand hygiene and distancing – 05/23/2022

Rio – The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) is calling for the reinforcement of non-pharmacological measures, such as physical distancing whenever possible, use of a mask and frequent hand hygiene, in airports and aircraft, to delay the entry of the monkeypox virus. in Brazil.

Since the beginning of the month, at least 120 cases of the disease have been confirmed in 15 countries. The Ministry of Health set up a situation room yesterday to monitor the monkeypox scenario in Brazil.

The rare disease could arrive in the next few days, according to experts consulted by the Estadão. On Sunday, suspected cases were reported in neighboring Argentina. Monkeypox is actually an original disease of wild rodents, but initially isolated in monkeys. It is common in Africa, but very rare on other continents.

Scientists believe that environmental imbalance is behind the current outbreak, but they see no reason to panic. “I find it very difficult that (the disease) does not arrive here”, said the president of the Infectious Diseases Society of the Federal District, José David Urbaez. “But it is a disease considered benign.” In addition, there are treatments and vaccines.

But it is necessary to warn, according to the Head of the Division of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases at the Hospital das Clínicas at USP, Anna Sara Levin. “This personal transmission is a little worrying, we have to understand if there was an adaptation of the virus or very intense contact between people.”

“It’s another problem that adds to our current situation,” said Urbaez. “The positive point is that our surveillance is very sensitive, being able to detect problems in real time.”

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