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Psychologist and pre-candidate Rosa Jeronymo works at the unit; City Hall denies wrongdoing.

The Public Ministry of Paraná (MPPR) actually opened the news to investigate the irregular storage and distribution of 40 basic food baskets at the Basic Health Unit (UBS) in the Cidade Nova neighborhood, in Foz do Iguaçu. There, Rosa Jeronymo, who is the first lady and pre-candidate in this year’s MDB elections, works as a psychologist.

The complaint, denied by the city hall (see below), was made by the deputy mayor Francisco Sampaio (União Brasil) and the reporters Juçara Andrade and Ricardo Azevedo, who showed the story on the program JNT News, on the 20th of May. Sampaio and the communicators went to the scene after receiving an anonymous tip, they say. At UBS, they filmed the food and asked the management for information.

“Questioned [a gerente da UBS] because those basic baskets would be there, the manager told us that they were to be delivered to people with social vulnerability in the region and that this practice would be common both there and in several UBSs/Health Centers in the city”, reads the inquiry request. to the MPPR. The video report can be accessed here.

The procedure instituted by the prosecutor Luiz Marcelo Mafra determines the determination of the reason for the storage of basic baskets in the health unit – which, according to the management, would have been sent by the Secretary of Social Assistance, which is denied by the folder. For the prosecution, it may be a case of electoral crime.

“Considering that, in the aforementioned UBS, public servant Rosa Maria Jeronymo Lima would be full, with the formal launch of her pre-candidacy for state deputy scheduled for May 27 of the current, for the election of October 2 to come, the fact now investigated can, in theory, give rise to an electoral offense subject to investigation by the Electoral Public Prosecutor’s Office”, explains the prosecutor.

Recommendation to the mayor and secretary

Prosecutor Luiz Marcelo Mafra also issued an administrative recommendation to Mayor Chico Brasileiro (PSD) and to the municipal secretary of Health, Jaqueline Tontini. The MP agent asks the two managers to “refrain from promoting the receipt, storage and/or distribution of basic food baskets” in health facilities.

The representative of the Public Ministry also gave Chico Brasileiro and Jaqueline Tontini a period of four days to comment on the content of the recommendation. The prosecution informed the decision to the Municipal Health Council and the City Council.

Other side

In response to the report by JNT Newsthe administration issued a note with the title “City Hall clarifies the distribution of basic food baskets in Cidade Nova”. The text treats the incident as a “pseudo-denunciation” and states that it is not true that the food baskets would be used to “politically benefit the first lady of the municipality, Rosa Jerônymo de Lima”.

“The basic baskets that are being delivered by the social worker of the Basic Health Unit of Cidade Nova are not part of the baskets acquired by the Municipality and distributed as an eventual benefit via Social Assistance”, informs the text. “They were donated by private entities to the municipal administration and have been distributed, given the need in the region, since December 2021”, continues the note from the city hall.

According to the management, the “complement” of food “has nothing to do with the eventual benefit of the basic food baskets granted by the Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance, in the five Reference Centers for Social Assistance (CRAS) in the city”. For the city hall, the article with the images of the products at the health center is “fake news”.

Mayor Chico Brasileiro (PSD) also spoke about the complaint in the municipal administration’s weekly program on Radio Culturethis Saturday, 22. He stated that the food baskets are delivered by a social worker and that his deputy, Francisco Sampaio, would have extrapolated his role as a public servant.

“When you receive public money, you have to work for society, the public sector is not a place for lazy people, parasites, no. The public sector is for those who want to dedicate themselves”, declared Chico Brasileiro, attacking the deputy mayor. For him, they “misrepresented” the correct information, he stressed.

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