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Coronavirus cells: study links COVID-19 to emergence of mysterious hepatitis cases

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The outbreak of acute hepatitis in children around the world remains to be seen. In search of an explanation, scientists at Imperial College London, UK, published a study arguing that COVID-19 is linked to the emergence of cases.

“We suggest that children with acute hepatitis undergo tests to investigate the presence of Sars-Cov-2 in the stool,” the authors wrote. It is hypothesized that children with fragments of the COVID-19 virus in the gastrointestinal system are having an exaggerated immune response to adenovirus 41.

In an interview with BBC News, medical consultant Ukhsa explained that 77% of the children tested tested positive for some form of adenovirus and that would be the “likely trigger”.

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Adenovirus 41, according to the Butantan Institute, is an uncommon subtype of virus that predominantly affects young children and immunocompromised patients, but which has never been reported to cause severe acute hepatitis. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) and scientists began to consider adenovirus infection as the main cause, because several samples were found among those infected, which explains the Institute’s website.

The general practitioner, member of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and technical director of Imedato Consultas e Exames, Diego Umann, makes it very clear that if the outbreak of acute hepatitis is really associated with adenovirus, the ideal is that people, especially children, keep their Hygiene habits adopted during the pandemic, such as always washing your hands with soap and water, using gel alcohol, masks and avoiding contact with other children with flu symptoms.

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