NASA details what the first astronaut mission to Mars will look like

Last week, NASA released its plans for a mission that aims to take two astronauts to step on the surface of Mars – something unprecedented for humanity and which should happen by the end of the next decade.

By the end of the next decade, it is possible for astronauts to set foot on Martian soil. And NASA recently released the plan for that to happen. Image: NikoNomad – Shutterstock

There are many challenges to be overcome, starting with the financial issue and the development of advanced technologies that a complex mission like this requires. The round-trip travel time alone, for example, would be about 500 days, given the distance between Earth and Mars.


Another important factor is gravity – or the near lack of it. Astronauts will arrive on the Red Planet after months in microgravity and face a significant road to recovery, even to operate in the partial gravity of Mars, which is about a third of that of Earth.

One way to solve this problem, according to NASA, would be for crews to live in a pressurized rover during missions. “We want to maximize science, so we allow them to drive before they become conditioned enough to get into spacesuits, and walk and maximize that science in 30 days,” Kurt Vogel, NASA’s director of space architectures, said in a video. posted by the agency on YouTube.

According to the presentation, the mission plan calls for using a habitat-like spacecraft to transport crew members to the Red Planet, using a hybrid rocket stage (powered by chemical and electrical propulsion).

Although the crew consists of four people, only two of them would go down to the surface, with the other two inside the spacecraft in communication with mission control – something similar to the model seen in the Apollo program with three astronauts.

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Cargo mission will drop supplies on Mars for astronauts

Around 25 tons of supplies and hardware would be waiting for the crew, having been delivered by a previous robotic mission. The payload would include a crew ascent vehicle already fueled and ready for astronauts to use in orbit around the planet.

In addition to disclosing mission planning, NASA announced that it will host a workshop in June “with partners from American industry and academia,” who will be invited by name by the agency. The following month, another workshop should be held, with the participation of international organizations.

In this link are other details of the mission plan, which contains 50 objectives in total. NASA requested a feedback public opinion on what was presented, which must be done by filling out a form available on the agency’s website by next Friday (3).

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