New NASA Hubble Telescope Discoveries Reveal “Something Strange” Is Going On In The Universe

New findings from the American Space Agency’s (NASA) Hubble Telescope have revealed that “something strange” is happening in the universe.

As detailed by Meganoticias, a NASA report provided information about how fast our universe is expanding, to the surprise of scientists, something “unimaginable” is happening.

The study suggests that “something strange” is happening, as the information does not match any theory analyzed so far.

According to the space agency, the instrument has now calibrated more than 40 of the markers, allowing for even greater precision than before around the expansion rate.

Nobel Prize winner Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) detailed in a statement that he believes this discovery would be a new milestone for Hubble.

New findings from NASA’s Hubble Telescope reveal that “something strange” is happening in the universe

“The team is looking for a better understanding of the expansion of the cosmos, it will be necessary to reanalyze the existing data to find the variable that can give the expected answers”, he commented.

However, there is one hopeful fact. Scientists seek to deepen this study with observations from the new James Webb Space Telescope, recently launched, which would allow the collection of new landmarks even further away and with better resolution.

At the moment, scientists are certain that the advance of the universe could be predicted at an expansion of 67.5 kilometers per megaparsec.

However, still according to the information, although previous observations of the models guarantee that it was around 73 kilometers, approximately.

Text with information from the Meganoticias website

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