New PS Plus debuts with fee controversy and discount cancellation

The new PS Plus made its debut in the early hours of the 23rd to the 24th in certain Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now that we finally have real players talking about the service, not just the marketing, the first considerable complaints about the subscription are starting to emerge. And it looks like Sony’s pricing policy is making its customers furious.

PS Plus subscribers in countries where the service has already been renewed complain about two major issues on Reddit:

  1. PSN would not be allowing you to upgrade your account for a shorter period if you have accumulated subscriptions.
  2. The upgrade would be retroactively canceling discounts you took advantage of in the past.

Let’s explain the two problems better because it’s kind of weird.

In the first case, players report that you can only upgrade your PS Plus account for the entire period you have accumulated, not being able to opt for less.

With the change of PS Plus, those who already subscribe to the service automatically become a subscriber to PS Plus Essential. To enjoy the library’s catalog of games, you need to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Deluxe. But if you already have subscriptions accumulated, say, for the next three years, for example, you can’t upgrade to just one year. You have to buy three years of PS Plus Extra or Deluxe at once.

In the second case, folks are commenting on Reddit that it costs more to upgrade your account if you bought your current PS Plus subscription at a discount. Apparently Sony charges the given discount amount in addition to the standard upgrade, retroactively “erasing” your subscription savings.

A third point is bothering less players, but it’s also worth noting. Apparently the same game is counted more than once by PS Plus if it appears in different versions or different languages, which greatly inflates Sony’s promise of a catalog of “400+ games”.

Needless to say, players are irate, and many are already talking about starting a class-action lawsuit against the company.

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