These 6 Foods Help Delay Skin Aging

Food influences your skin a lot more than you might think. Just to give you an idea, the act of drinking little water throughout the day already collaborates to make the skin drier and without service, for example.

Tudo Bahia spoke with nutritionist Hortência Kettelen Souza Luz, who spoke about the relationship between skin aging and nutrition. Hortência graduated from the Federal University of Goiás and is currently undergoing a residency in Intensive Care at the Hospital de Clínicas of the same institution (HC/UFG).

She explains that, in fact, “some foods can ‘slow down’ the effects of skin aging, especially foods that are sources of vitamins that help with cell renewal and with antioxidant effects, thus preventing ‘premature aging’ of the skin”.

when we talk about vitamins with antioxidant actionas is the case with vitamins A and C, this means that these substances reduce the action of free radicals in the human body and that they also reduce the effects of the so-called “photoaging”, which is accelerated aging due to the action of the sun’s rays.

Among the foods highlighted by the nutritionist are:

  1. Carrot;
  2. Broccoli;
  3. Orange;
  4. Lemon;
  5. Eggs;
  6. Fishes.

Remember that other lifestyle factors and habits also contribute to premature skin aging, such as smoking, physical inactivity, stress and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

To find out exactly what adjustments need to be made to your diet, you need to make an appointment with a nutrition professional. Based on clinical and laboratory tests, the nutritionist can prepare an individual food plan that considers her preferences and needs.

If you have complaints about your skin’s health, the ideal is to go to a dermatologist. Also remember that daily use of sunscreen is essential.

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