What foods contain gluten? nutritionist answers

It is increasingly common to find products and ingredients labeled “gluten-free” or “gluten-containing”, right? First of all, it is necessary to understand that gluten is the name given to a protein compound commonly found in cereals such as wheat, oats, malt, barley and rye.

It is the gluten that gives the typical pasty consistency of doughs for breads and cakes, because, when it comes into contact with water, it creates a kind of gel. It is okay to consume products with gluten, except in cases of allergy, intolerance and celiac disease.

In these cases, the body cannot digest this vegetable protein, causing a series of symptoms, such as swelling, abdominal pain, headaches, among others.

The Tudo Bahia team spoke with nutritionist Hortência Kettelen Souza Luz. Graduated from the Federal University of Goiás and currently doing a residency in Intensive Care, Hortência talked about gluten and the foods in which this protein is often found.

The nutritionist explains that, as gluten is present in the cereals mentioned in the first paragraph of the text, we can say that products made from them are also sources of this proteinsuch as breads, noodles, cookies and even beer.

As celiac disease, allergy and gluten intolerance cause problems especially gastrointestinal, such as diarrhea, gas and common symptoms of allergic reactions, the ideal is to seek professional follow-up suitable for examinations and appropriate treatment.

Only after a good evaluation, the patient will know whether or not it is necessary to completely remove gluten from the diet. Making an appointment with a nutritionist is especially important in cases of food intolerance and allergy.

It is worth noting that, due to the increase in products made without gluten, some people have started to elaborate diets, without any scientific criteria, that remove gluten from the diet of healthy people, with the purpose of weight loss, but this is not recommended.

If the idea is to lose weight, what really counts is the caloric deficit, which is consuming fewer calories than the body uses. Only one specialist professional will be able to evaluate your caloric consumption and stipulate a menu that meets your needs.

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