Angry nose? Find out what it can be and how to relieve it!

Chorozinho, Ceará, May 26, 2022, by Iara Costastay with the irritated nose it’s very uncomfortable. However this nose burning It is not always an allergy, as different factors can cause nose irritation.

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Namely, sometimes higher water consumption can even solve the problem. So, today, I prepared this post to show you other factors, in addition to allergic rhinitis, that also make the irritated and burning nose.

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What to do when the nose is irritated?

That irritation in the nose can be caused by several factors, from weather changes to allergies such as rhinitis or sinusitis. So when the nose is irritated due to climate change, drinking water and inhaling more humid air already helps to improve.

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This irritation occurs due to the drying of the mucosa in the nose, while the result is burning and irritation in the region. So keep it hydrated with the use of saline solutions that irrigate and keep it moist.

According to Doctor Maura Neves, graduated from USP, columnist for Ana Maria, UOLon August 31, 2021, she states that, in addition to the factors mentioned above, the use of some medications can favor nasal discomfort.

Angry nose?  Find out what it can be and how to relieve it!  - Source: Canva
Angry nose? Find out what it can be and how to relieve it! – Source: Canva

Namely, Dr. Maura mentions types of medication such as antihypertensives, antidepressants, antiallergics and others. However, she warns that no medication should be discontinued without a doctor’s authorization.

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Burning nose, could it be allergic rhinitis?

Not always irritated nose is a sign of allergic rhinitis, although irritation is one of the symptoms. But rhinitis is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

  • sneezing attacks;
  • Cough;
  • Red eyes;
  • Coryza;
  • Nasal obstruction.

Therefore, rhinitis is caused because of the allergen, in which the mite is the main trigger of this allergy. However, it is worth mentioning that chemicals, for example, pollen, dust and pet hair can also lead to an allergic rhinitis crisis.

Angry nose?  Find out what it can be and how to relieve it!  - Source: Canva
Angry nose? Find out what it can be and how to relieve it! – Source: Canva

How to perform a hydration in the nasal passage

Finally, humidifying the nose is one of the best ways to relieve irritation according to the Dr. Moura. While to hydrate it in a simple way you can use saline solution, either in liquid or in gel.

In this way, this potent product, the serum, acts on the viscoelastic properties of the nasal mucus, making it more fluid. Also, it helps with throat movements. Thus, this significantly reduces nose irritation and you can do this humidification several times a day.

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