Battlefield 2042 revamped for Season 1

DICE has spent the last few months studying and focusing on the key changes for its AAA Battlefield 2042. A very important work that will culminate with the launch of the first season this coming June.

The changes and improvements, some that will already be presented with the entry of season 1, could decide the future of the franchise. The team is aware of the challenges and works to improve the player experience when dedicating their time to BF 2042.

There are four areas that they consider most important, Maps, Experiences and Modes, Gameplay and New Content.

Regarding maps, the team will not only focus on new maps, they will reformulate existing ones, such as Renewal and Solar Station, modifying them in order to create more life and beauty of war. Modifications will also be made to the maps to adapt to the game modes, not being fixed to the original format.

In the gameplay experience, the focus is on progressing towards a higher reward for time spent playing BF 2042. Modifiers will be introduced to certain game modes, in Conquest for example, sometimes fewer sectors will be needed to capture. Breakthrough will now be played universally with 64 players, bringing greater control of the game and reducing the chaotic situations that were too evident.

Portal mode continues to be one of the biggest focuses, with the team ensuring that the maps present here will have more rotation in All-Out Warfare.

As we have already announced, Hazard Zone will no longer be part of future developments. It remains in the game but stops receiving content and updates.

In gameplay, Specialists will be subject to visual modifications, receiving minor changes that will make them more in line with a battle stage, will have a more serious air and in line with the theme, war.

Specialist voices will also be changed, become more serious, and phrases that remove player immersion in Battlefield 2042 will be eliminated.

Regarding the gameplay directly linked to the experts, the producer does not help much, saying that it prefers to wait for them to be 100% satisfied with the changes to reveal them. They also mention that these changes can greatly modify the gameplay experience, are very sensitive, and can have a negative impact on other changes that are underway.

It should be noted that they are working on the movement of Specialists, giving them more realistic animations, so that we can react in a more positive way to enemy movements.

Gunplay has received changes in the last few updates, but DICE will continue them. They will continue to focus on attachments, gadgets, and even the visual recoil of weapons.

Each season, DICE commits to introducing new weapons and gadgets, but warns that they will be placed when they are in balance with existing content.

On the game performance side, it is mentioned that they continue to work on optimizing BF 2042, mainly in terms of CPU utilization and latency.

“Season one launches next month, and will mark the start of a year of new content coming to the game. Four Seasons, four New Specialists, new maps, and new weapons and gadgets that help expand the sandbox. For the first time ever, a Battlefield Battle Pass will give players the opportunity to earn new in-game items, all of them in our free tiers, and new cosmetic items in both our free and premium tiers.”

Next month DICE will provide more details on the season 1 update, stay tuned.

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