Check the list of missing medicines at the Basic Pharmacy of Brusque

The difficulty in acquiring medicines has affected the country and the state, consequently, the basic pharmacies in the municipalities are the first to feel the effects. With scarcity, industries direct production to the private sector. In Brusque, the reality is similar to other cities in the Middle Valley of Itajaí.

According to the note issued on Tuesday, 24, by the Intermunicipal Health Consortium of the Middle Valley of Itajaí (Cisamvi), which Brusque is a part of, several factors caused the shortage of medicines in the basic pharmacy of the consortium municipalities. Among them are the instability of the market with the lack of inputs, active ingredients and raw materials, the delay in the legal procedures for receiving, processing, judging, qualifying and contracting new suppliers, all this together with the lack of staff, which resulted in in the accumulation of demands.

The Department of Health of Brusque, through the Pharmaceutical Care, informs that they have open orders, in some cases since the beginning of the year, and this is crucial for the replenishment of stock. Some antibiotics and injectable dipyrone are on the hard-to-purchase list.

The director of Pharmaceutical Care, Patricia Bernardi Sassi, says that the team works daily so that the medicines are delivered. “We are already having some fouls. We had a considerable amount of inventory, but this is also decreasing, with no replacement, and that worries us. I emphasize that this is a national and state situation, and it is important that the population is aware. As a team, we are constantly working to minimize absences,” she informs.

Missing medications:

List was updated on May 24

Basic medicines:

– Amoxicillin 50mg/ml oral suspension;
– Amoxicillin + Clavulanate 50mg + 12.5mg/ml oral suspension;
– Azithromycin suspension;
– Scopolamine drops;
– Nimesulide 100mg tablets;
– Metoclopramide 10mg tablets;
– Oral Rehydration Salts;
– Ipratropium drops;
– Prednisolone 3mg/ml solution;
– Dipyrone 500mg/ml ampoule.

Restricted drugs:

– Doxazosin 4mg tablets;
– Doxazosin 2mg tablets.

Controlled drugs:

– Tramadol 50mg tablets.

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