Complaint reveals abandonment of equipment at Júlia Kubitschek Hospital, in BH – Gerais

Júlia Kubitschek Hospital, in the Barreiro Region, in BH
Abandoned ward at the Júlia Kubitschek Hospital, in the Barreiro Region, in BH (photo: Guilherme Bergamini/ALMG)

Complaints revealed the abandonment of equipment at the Júlia Kubitschek Hospital, in the Barreiro Region, in Belo Horizonte. The Commission for the Defense of Women’s Rights inspected the place this Wednesday (25/5) and found other irregularities in the unit of the Hospital Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (Fhemig).

According to the executive director of the union of health workers (Sind-saúde), Neuza Freitas, several new equipment had been hidden in an abandoned wing for at least 12 years.

“There are two wings that have been deactivated since 2010, according to them for renovation, and one of them was locked. We asked for opening to gain access and various equipment was checked, such as a stop cart, anesthesia cart, respirators, new beds, electric beds, beds already scrapped, even a cold room”, he reported.

In addition, she also points out that many of these equipment are new and were acquired for the field hospital, created in 2020 to accommodate the entire population contaminated with COVID-19.

“A lot of new things are already deteriorating, including the elevator that was purchased was boxed up and hidden inside. To everyone’s surprise, it was reported by the management itself that the equipment purchased for the field hospital for the pandemic is all hidden here in this ward”, Neuza stressed.

see gallery . 12 Photos Commission for the Defense of Women's Rights receives a complaint of abandonment of equipment and lack of doctors at Júlia Kubitschek HospitalGuilherme Bergamini/ALMG

Commission for the Defense of Women’s Rights receives a complaint of abandonment of equipment and lack of doctors at Júlia Kubitschek Hospital
(photo: Guilherme Bergamini/ALMG)


Another point noted during the visit was that the hospital’s emergency ward is in disuse, despite the overload in the care provided by other hospital care units in the Barreiro region. In April, Fhemig announced that 30 beds would be opened in the hospital to relieve the care of the UPAs.

Deputy Ana Paula Siqueira (Rede), author of the request for the visit, commented on the irregularities found. “We came to visit to verify the report of the closure of the hospital’s urgent and emergency sectors. In fact, we identified that these services are not fully functioning, there is no ready service, the population is not being served here in the open door system”, she pointed out.

“There are deficiencies, as the coordinator informed us, in the absence of four professionals with no provision for them to be taken to the maternity hospital. So, in fact, there is this problem of care, the government made a commitment at the public hearing to reopen the 30 emergency beds, but it did not reopen,” added the parliamentarian.

She also highlighted that there was an attempt to hide the disuse situation of the ward shortly before the visit. “We found an attempt to make up the government in relation to the emergency sector. We identified three families who were transferred about 40 minutes before we arrived, in an attempt to demonstrate that this wing, which was also very well equipped, was working”.

Ana Paula criticized the attitude. “The family members told us that they did not know the reason for their transfers, they are people who have been in the hospital for more than a week awaiting medical examinations without any sign of an emergency. This is playing with human dignity, disrespecting not only families but the entire population that wants and needs the urgent and emergency service restored”.

Deputies on the visit of the Committee for the Defense of Women's Rights to the Júlia Kubitschek Hospital this Wednesday (25/5)
Visit of the Women’s Rights Defense Commission to Júlia Kubitschek Hospital this Wednesday (5/25) (photo: Guilherme Bergamini/ALMG)

in response to State of Mines, Fhemig pointed out that the hospital emergency room already receives cases as a rearguard of the UPAs. While the equipment will be destined for other sectors and auction. Check out the full note:

“About the questions raised about the Júlia Kubitschek Hospital (HJK), the Hospital Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (Fhemig) has to inform you that, this month, 30 infirmary beds were opened in the HJK’s Emergency Unit, which already receive cases referenced by the Central de Leitos, as a backup for the UPA’s. Urgent care at the maternity hospital was never suspended during the pandemic.

Regarding the equipment mentioned, we clarify that there are 6 beds stored in Wing F since the end of March and that they will be destined for the Emergency Unit and for the CT sector of the unit. As for the other equipment and furniture stored in the unit, they are actually obsolete items that have been replaced and are awaiting destination for official auction.”

UPA Barreiro

Meanwhile, at the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Barreiro, the overload was verified. “We found a large volume of people waiting for care, and the manager himself told us that from the moment the emergency and urgency of JK was closed, there was and still is a real overload in the service of UPA Barreiro”, informed the deputy.

One of the main problems identified during the visit is the absence of pediatricians in the UPA. As a consequence of this, families have to wait more than 12 hours for an appointment or referral. “I reinforce that children are priority care, according to the legislation”, highlights Ana Paula.

Finally, the deputies will report on the visit and submit requests to be answered by the government of Minas, the city of Belo Horizonte and the Júlia Kubitschek hospital. In addition, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will be called upon to verify the complaints.

According to the Municipal Health Department of Belo Horizonte, UPA Barreiro is experiencing a high demand for care in recent days. It was also informed that it is taking steps to recompose the teams. Check out the full note:

“The Municipal Health Department informs that this Wednesday, the 25th, UPA Barreiro presented a high demand for care, which caused a longer waiting time for patients classified as green (non-urgent).

In recent weeks, health units have shown a greater demand for care, mainly for respiratory issues, due to the seasonality of this time of year, which has lower temperatures.

In May, until the 14th, the UPAs treated 5,926 patients with respiratory diseases, and from the 8th to the 14th of May, 3,270 patients were treated, 1,809 adults and 1,461 children.

SMSA is monitoring the situation and is taking the necessary measures to guarantee full assistance to the population and is working uninterruptedly to recompose the teams. At the end of April, the public tender in the health area was approved. In the last week, 35 doctors took office. Due to the greater demand, pediatricians were prioritized. At least 8 pediatricians will work in the UPAs, with an expected start in up to 10 days.”

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