Councilor suggests departure of Secretary of Health

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Tuesday was another chaotic day at the Emergency Room


The Canoinhas Health crisis returned to guide the City Council this Tuesday, 24. Councilors Tatiane Carvalho (MDB) and Juliana Maciel (PSDB) commented on the 13 suggestions to improve Health read shortly before.

Zenilda Lemos (MDB) reported the patient’s dilemma shown in a report by the JMore I had been waiting for two days for a transfer. She showed three reports of occurrences of patients who appealed to the Police to guarantee care at the Emergency Care Unit (UPA).

“It’s no use saying that in Joinville there is a queue, because in Joinville the mayor is not in prison. There is a specter of corruption hovering in Canoinhas. The population doesn’t want to know that they don’t have money, because they know they had money. We are here to demand a right of the population. Canoinhas is regressing in health, the return is remarkable. Only complaints are heard. They say that any pain the person goes to the UPA. It’s not, the person goes because they can’t stand it anymore. Are people assuming that they do not have the capacity to dialogue and continue in their positions? What is this?”, asked Marcos Homer (Podemos).

Homer’s speech was supported by Silmara Gontarek (UB). She complained about the procedures that are performed at health posts in the countryside. “Mini-surgeries are being performed that take out four, five chips”. The councilor’s speech is symptomatic of the problems of the contract that the Municipality has with Santa Cruz Hospital, for elective surgery procedures.

Councilman Fabiano Freitas (PSD) called the situation chaotic. “When we take on a position of trust, we need to see if we have the capacity, otherwise we have to ask to leave. I’m not judging any secretary, but that’s what I understand. If the mayor invited, he can ask her to leave. I think it’s time we demanded an attitude from the mayor. Maybe the secretary’s point of view is right, but it’s not the same point of view of the population. With all due respect to the secretary, but I believe leaving would be the best solution.” He also suggested that one of the opposition councilors take over the portfolio. “Let the mayor call the secretary and ask if she is able to continue in office or move forward”, he concluded.

“Is there a lack of money or a lack of management? The way it is, it can’t stay”, charged Osmar Oleskovicz (PSD).

by councilor Marcos Homer (Podemos)


Councilors Juliana Maciel, Zenilda Lemos, Tatiane Carvalho and Marcos Homer/Disclosure

Even before the session ended, opposition councilors went to the UPA because there were more complaints of long waiting lines. “We have witnessed a lack of staff, including no nurses to screen patients, emergency demands arriving by ambulance, patients awaiting release from the medical center to attend the specialist doctor, which ends up blocking the other calls. I confess that I left with a broken heart, many children waiting for care and the team that was present, doing their best to overcome the demand”, posted Juliana Maciel.


The Impeachment Commission notified, for the second time, the defense of the deputy mayor of Canoinhas, Renato Pike (PL), so that “, within ten days, he presents a prior written defense, indicate the evidence he intends to produce and list witnesses, up to a maximum of ten.” The deadline expires on the 30th of May.


The expulsion of Renato Pike and Diogo Seidel from the PL warmed the ears of people from the PSD, who followed Beto Passos like a thorn in his side.


Worse is the MDB, which until today has not given a peep about the centenary conviction of Orildo Severgnini.


Speaking of MDB, the launch date of the pre-candidacy of the former mayor of Jaraguá do Sul, Antídio Lunelli (MDB), for the state government was announced this Monday, 23.

The event will be in Curitibanos, on Saturday, June 11th. The municipality was chosen because of its location in the center of the state, which would facilitate the movement of the activists and activists.


The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), prepares for this Wednesday, 25th, the election of the new vice president of the House, in addition to two other positions in the Bureau. Lira signed an act to remove deputy Marcelo Ramos (PSD-AM), a critic of President Jair Bolsonaro, from the vice presidency of the House. In a live on May 12, the president claimed to have asked Valdemar Costa Neto’s party to remove Ramos, who is his opponent and exchanged the PL for the PSD of Gilberto Kassab.


Deputy Neodi Saretta sent a request to the Secretary of State for Finance, so that the workers of Epagri, Cidasc and Ceasa could be granted a readjustment, referring to compliance with the base date, with salary replacement retroactive to inflation (INPC). The objective is to replace the salary losses of the category. “For years, the workers of Cidasc, Epagri and Ceasa have been suffering from salary losses, as well as non-compliance with the base date. That’s why I’m reinforcing this request, which is a desire of the workers who play an important role in the area of ​​agriculture”, said the deputy.

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