Covid-19 cases rise again in Londrina; Hospitalizations also increased

The numbers of the covid-19 pandemic have skyrocketed in recent days in Londrina, and it took the mayor Marcelo Belinati to resume their lives with updates on the disease in the city. This Wednesday (25), Belinati issued a decree in which the city once again recommends the use of masks in all closed environments, including schools, offices and offices.

Accompanied by the secretary of health Felipe Machado, the mayor expressed concern about the sharp growth in the number of people infected by covid-19 in the last 30 days. With data, Machado highlighted that from April until now, there was a 212% increase in the number of active cases.

On April 25th, Londoner accounted for 208 patients with covid-19 in treatment, today there are 979. Regarding the number of hospitalized, on the same day last month there were 12 people hospitalized. In the new bulletin released today by Health, there are 33 patients in the hospital, an increase of 36% in the period.

For the secretary, the indices are linked to the vaccination rate, since at the moment most patients diagnosed with covid either have not been immunized, or are with the vaccine schedule delayed. During the live, Belinati recalled that 36% of the population over 18 years old did not seek the third dose, while 66% of the elderly are also without immunization up to date.

In addition, the mayor recalled that patients who have not been vaccinated are the most affected by covid and are exposed to more serious cases of the disease, if they are contaminated.


To symbolize the moment, the city hall of Londrina published the decree signed by the mayor on Wednesday night (25) recommending the use of masks in closed environments, in addition to the availability of alcohol gel. He also commented that it is no longer appropriate to close the trade as it happened at the beginning of the pandemic, as well as to resume the mandatory use of masks.

The decree has symbolic weight, as it is a recommendation and not an obligation. Belinati stressed that he believes that, only with prevention and vaccination, the pandemic can be overcome.


This Wednesday, the covid-19 bulletin in Londrina brings 424 new confirmed cases and one death. Of the total of 979 active cases at the moment, 946 are in home isolation and another 33 are hospitalized, 10 of them in ICU beds and another 23 in the wards.

In general numbers, Londrina has since March 2020 a total of 135,899 confirmed cases and 2,513 deaths caused by the disease, including the one recorded in the new bulletin. Last death is of a 94-year-old man who had comorbidities and died from complications of covid on the 23rd.

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