Covid patients in UPAs wait less than 24 hours for transfer to hospitals Jornal da Manhã

Units register an increase in demand for care for clinical cases (Photo/Jairo Chagas)

The drop in the worsening of Covid-19 cases also has an impact on the hospitalization of patients in Uberaba. The decrease in demand for the public health service is felt above all in the emergency care units, where the wait for transfer does not exceed 24 hours, according to data from Funepu, the unit’s manager. A year ago, the picture was quite different, when there were about 53 patients waiting for the release of beds in hospitals to regulate the transfer, in June.

According to Funepu, the shorter waiting time is due to the decline in hospitalizations for Covid. “It is natural that there is a greater availability of beds in the network for elective cases and, consequently, greater agility in these transfers. It is important to highlight that the responsibility for directing the availability of vacancies is up to the Regulation, as the UPAs have no influence on the agility or delay in the availability of vacancies”, reinforces Funepu.

According to data released firsthand by the Alternativa column, from May 15th to 19th, the UPAs transferred eight Covid patients to hospitals, a very different scenario from July last year. Meanwhile, in the period from May 9 to 19, 10 patients were transferred to hospitals for dengue, a disease that has been alarming the state and the municipality, in addition to clinical cases that continue to suffer the reflection of the lack of analysis during the period of isolation. .

“Currently, Covid cases are no longer representative in transfer requests, since the number of hospitalizations in the public network, as a whole, has dropped significantly as a result of vaccination, and this is perceived from the UPAs, which are the gateway to SUS hospitals. Currently, clinical cases of pre-existing diseases have a higher incidence of complications and, consequently, the need for specialized care in a hospital unit”, concludes Funepu.

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