CRM investigates the conduct of a doctor who recorded sex with patients

The Regional Council of Medicine (CRM-DF) started to investigate the case of a doctor who filmed sex scenes with patients. After recording, Lino Neves da Silveira published the videos on a secret Twitter account. The information came from the entity itself. “The CRM-DF will investigate the complaint through an investigation. The procedure will be carried out in secrecy to verify if there are any indications of ethical infraction”, he confirmed in a statement.

CRM investigates the conduct of a doctor who recorded sex with patients

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @linonevesCRM investigates the conduct of a doctor who recorded sex with patients

According to what was disclosed by the material, the infectologist practiced explicit sexual acts with patients and colleagues in the clinic that provided care. The last record was on May 22, last Sunday.

Self-titled as “PeludoAN” (short for Asa Norte, an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Brasília), Lino shares pornographic content on his profile and even with provocative captions. “Office gives me a fucking horny”, says the doctor, right in the self-description.

Doctor's Twitter Profile

Credit: Reproduction / MetropolisDoctor’s Twitter Profile

During the recordings, Neves uses, most of the time, objects well known to the profession: lab coat and stethoscope. Everything used is to ensure that the scenes were shot in the workplace, during the shift.

In the explicit videos, Neves focuses on oral sex scenes. The profile of patients is diverse: blond, dark, hairy or bald. The fetish for married men (with women) is one of the most wide open by the doctor. He insists on filming a patient who wears a golden ring on his left hand. “Married C* is too good to fall on his face”, wrote the doctor in one of the captions.

“The office has already seen it: horny for sure, with the amount of hot male that passes with me”, says Lino in another post.

In the footage, exposed in an open profile, and which was excluded after the repercussion of the case, the specialist in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) swallows the semen of a supposed nurse. “If there’s breastfeeding, there’s milk. There is the end of the feeding with the nurse in the middle of the shift. He couldn’t resist my oral and I still won p * to work until the end and happy “, recorded the doctor.

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