Does arm tag mean I’m immunized against monkeypox?

The cases of monkey pox sparked a new alert for global health issues. With this alert, a question also became common: who has a vaccine mark on their arm is already protected against the disease? Understand the subject better and find out who already has protection against monkeypox.

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Is anyone already protected from monkeypox?

In fact, it is not yet known whether people who have already received the smallpox immunization are immunized against this new monkey variant. However, the World Health Organization believes that the current outbreak can indeed be controlled through vaccination, including the latest vaccines.

On the other hand, the authority believes there is no potential risk of the virus spreading to the rest of the world outside Africa in a massive way. That’s because good hygiene and protection in the sexual act tend to be enough to control the spread of monkeypox.

Health agencies around the world are already preparing for possible cases in their countries. In the United Kingdom, observation is made for the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), but the vaccine is also recommended for professionals who have contact with infected people.

How do I know if I’m already immunized?

The famous vaccine mark that prints on the arm of most Brazilians is related to the immunizing agent BCG. He is able to immunize the person against tuberculosis, for example. A similar mark appears on the arm of someone who has been vaccinated against smallpox.

However, it is not possible to know if the mark on his arm is related to BCG or the smallpox vaccine. What can be said is that people born after 1971 are not immunized against monkeypox. This is because the vaccination campaign with this drug in Brazil ended after that period.

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