ES doctor is investigated for filming sex in the office and publicizing it on the internet

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A doctor from Espírito Santo, born in Vila Velha, is being investigated by the Regional Council of Medicine of the Federal District (CRM-DF) for publishing sex images on the internet, supposedly filmed in offices, involving patients and co-workers.

On a social network, he kept an account open to the public, with content described for people over 18 years old. Explicit sex scenes were published in photos and videos, always in environments that resembled an office. He still wore a lab coat and a stethoscope in the videos. The information is from the Metrópoles portal.

The doctor is an infectious disease specialist and worked in a clinic in Brasília, in the Federal District. He has an active CRM record in Capital Federal, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

This Wednesday (25), his profile on Twitter is already deactivated. Identified as “PeludoAN” (with “AN” being an abbreviation for “Asa Norte”, Brasilia’s upper-middle class neighborhood), he published videos exploring fetishes with provocative captions: “Consultório gives me horny da *,” he wrote. in a post.

Videos ranged from oral sex to fetishes with married men

In the videos, quite explicit, the infectologist recorded scenes of oral sex to complete sexual intercourse, or “happy end”, as he said.

The men who had sex with him were of different profiles: blond, dark, hairy, bald.

The doctor had a special fetish for married men. Having a golden ring on his left hand made the filming partner a special attraction. “Married C * is too good to fall on his face”, he wrote in one of the captions.

“Office, you’ve seen it: horny for sure, with so much hot male that passes with me”, he says in another post.

Among the posts, there are also records of group sex with other men. These, however, were made in a domestic environment.

He specializes in treating sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Despite this, in several videos, condoms were not used. All relationships were supposedly consensual.

According to Metrópoles, the clinic where he attended in Brasília reported that he is no longer part of the staff since Tuesday (24).

However, the Instagram account remains open, but with common posts, which show travel and the daily life of the specialist.

Doctor may lose professional registration throughout Brazil

Sought, the Regional Council of Medicine of the Federal District reported that the reported professional will be investigated through an investigation. “The procedure will be carried out in secrecy to check for signs of ethical violations,” he said.

The Regional Council of Medicine of Espírito Santo (CRM-ES), reported that, as the case would have happened in Brasília, only the CRM-DF should investigate. “In the case of any penalty, it is applied in all Regionals where the infectologist is registered”.

THE Victory sheet sent a message to the doctor on Instagram. Until the publication of the report, there was no visualization. The space remains open for his manifestation. The text will be updated as soon as we get a response.

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