Health Department supports ‘active search’ of unvaccinated against covid in MG

To try to increase the number of children with complete immunization against the coronavirus in Minas Gerais, the State Department of Health (SES-MG) will support the ‘active search’ of parents who have not yet vaccinated their children against the disease. The intention was confirmed this Thursday (26) by secretary Fábio Baccheretti, in a press conference held in the Administrative City, northern region of Belo Horizonte.

During the interview, Baccheretti detailed the vaccination numbers in Minas Gerais and expressed concern about the immunization of children, which according to him, is still low.

“We vaccinate practically 70% of children between 5 and 11 years old, but we still have 30% of children who have not had the 1st dose vaccine, and it is worth noting that complete immunization only occurs after the second dose. So we have about 540,000 children who didn’t get the second dose, which are waiting at the post”, said the secretary.

According to him, the government’s intention is to support the search for the unvaccinated, especially in regions of Minas Gerais where coverage is lower.

“North of Minas, Northeast, and Vale do Mucuri have a very low adhesion compared to others. So in the cities of these regions, the state has been acting, calling parents and also the unvaccinated asking why they didn’t take the vaccine”, explained Baccheretti, who made an appeal considering the risk of this type of behavior. “We are accelerating childhood vaccination and children are the most affected by respiratory diseases, hence the need to be immunized. Parents, take your children,” he warned.

Data from the vaccinometer in Minas Gerais indicate that more than 2.6 million doses of pediatric vaccines have already been delivered to municipalities in Minas Gerais. The 1st dose of the vaccine has already been applied to almost 1.3 million children between 5 and 11 years old, totaling about 70% of the target audience. However, the 2nd dose was administered to only 255,000 children, reaching about 65% of the target audience.

facilitate vaccination

During the interview, the secretary also defended that city halls facilitate access to vaccines against the coronavirus. Despite vaccination coverage in the state reaching 89%, considering the 1st dose, many people did not complete the immunization, which includes the 2nd dose and the booster dose.

“People don’t want to stop what they are doing to get the vaccine. So we are insisting with the municipalities to take the vaccines from the posts and take them to everyday life, in the squares, on the bus stations, so that people are immunized”, ask.

In addition to the denialism around the vaccine, something refuted daily by science, the secretary believes that the moment of the pandemic and the drop in the number of deaths related to the disease made the population less attentive to immunization.

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