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With the arrival of the cold, Contagem has complete Family Health teams at the Basic Health Units – UBSs to care for children and adolescents who have mild symptoms, whether respiratory or otherwise.

The increase in cases of respiratory diseases, in this month of May, in pediatric patients has overcrowded the urgency and emergency network, especially the Centro Materno Infantil-CMI.

As the Secretary of Health, Fabrício Simões, explains, most cases that come to the emergency room have mild symptoms and could be directed to the UBSs. “The municipality’s family health teams are complete and the doctors are able to care for patients, especially children and adolescents, who have mild symptoms. Many users are still unaware that the UBS is the gateway to the city’s health network, so this guidance is important for families. They know they can count on medical care at the basic unit, closer to home,” he said.

Primary Care

Primary Health Care is known as the “gateway” of users to SUS Contagem. The initial care of patients is done through the reception, by professionals trained to people with some health demand. The purpose of this reception is to provide guidance on disease prevention; resolve possible acute cases (respiratory problems typical of this time of year, mild asthma and other respiratory tract infections); direct severe cases to higher levels of care in complexity. The UBS works, therefore, as a filter capable of organizing the flow of services in health networks, from the simplest to the most complex.

As for the assistance to children and adolescents, the doctor and nurse of the Family Health Team – ESF have the technical and legal competence for their care and follow-up. The pediatrician acts as a reference and support for this team, dealing with more complex diseases.

In cases where it is necessary to investigate other factors or complications that may be interfering with the frequency and severity of episodes, the ESF will make the necessary referrals.

When to look for the Basic Health Unit – UBS, in case of pediatric care:

• initial cases of diarrhea or vomiting;

• headaches or body aches;

• colds or flu;

• low or moderate fever for less than 3 days;

• malaise;

• inhalations or injections.

When to look for urgency and emergency units (Centro Materno Infantil – CMI and UPAs), in case of pediatric care:

• accidents;

• intoxication;

• high fever, above 39°;

• severe shortness of breath;

• severe chest pains;

• constant diarrhea or vomiting.

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