Hospital Sírio Libanês will qualify hospitals in Piauí through a national project

Photo: Publicity / Government of Piauí

Institutional Development of the Unified Health System (PROADI-SUS) will implement in two hospitals in Piauí the “Project to strengthen the areas of regulation and support for contractualization in the State Health Departments”, which will be carried out simultaneously in public hospitals in 24 states and of the Federal District. In charge of Hospital Sírio Libanês, the initiative aims to improve the construction, monitoring, efficiency and effectiveness of contracts, within the project to strengthen the Health Care Networks.

This Tuesday, the 24th, the project team, formed by Luana Konzen and Tatiane Bozza, presented the Karnak Palace to Governor Regina Sousa, and how the program will be implemented. The coordinator Luana Konzen explained that the hospitals indicated by the Government of Piauí will receive the team to improve the regulation processes of medium and high complexity.

After the end of the program, in January, the two hospitals (Hospital Regional Chaga Rodrigues, in Piripiri, and Hospital Regional Senador Cândido Ferraz, in São Raimundo Nonato), will receive certificates of excellence from Sírio Libanês and will be able to use the experience for the other hospitals in Piauí.

According to Governor Regina Sousa, this is a very good partnership with Sírio Libanês in the area of ​​regulation. “Regulation is our biggest bottleneck. At least we will make an attempt to improve our regulatory system,” she said, emphasizing that Sírio Libanês is doing this in every state.

“It is a no-cost partnership for Piauí and I am very hopeful that it will be one of the things that we will resolve by the end of the year. At least we will improve the regulatory system. So welcome and all is well,” he said.

“As of this month of May, we will start with the diagnosis of the two hospitals together with the secretariats, to then indicate the construction of these contractual instruments. This phase lasts until January 2023, when we start the institutionalization process, which is to use all this experience, this work in other units in the state”, explains Luana Konzen.

The director of Hospital de São Raimundo Nonato, Milvânia Nascimento, stressed that the project will be a gain for the health unit, since it will guide the professionals of the hospital, which is more than 500 kilometers from the main reference center in health in the Piauí, which is Teresina, and 200 km away from Floriano, another reference municipality.

“São Raimundo Hospital serves more than 20 municipalities in the Serra da Capivara Development Territory. We have an ICU with ten beds, so this project will improve regulation even more”, commented Milvânia.

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