Let’s keep the hospital Vera Cruz

In 2002, the owner and then current administrator of Hospital Vera Cruz, informed the Municipality that he would no longer provide services to the SUS, as it was financially unfeasible to keep the Hospital in operation, due to the legal requirements that were being implemented regarding health services. . In view of the situation, the public authorities, organized society, community leaders, the general population and representatives of APMIF, in a meeting held at the Carlos Anizelli Sports Center, by common community agreement, DECIDED TO ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP HOSPITAL VERA CRUZ IN OPERATION, then in early 2003 APMIF took over the administration of the hospital unit, initiating the signed community agreement. What was the result obtained in the last 19 years with the Hospital attending? Expenses, debt 520 thousand, lawsuits, mistakes and successes, achievements, losses and MANY LIVES SAVED. The public power has been carrying out the monthly transfers, APMIF continues to be the administrator and the POPULATION HAS TO DO THEIR MONTHLY PART. There is a past to be carried and resolved, there are improvements to be maintained and also to be conquered, but for that we need to make a decision. ARE WE RENEWING THE COMMITMENT ASSUMED? It is not difficult to put it on a scale and consider the importance of the hospital for our dear municipality. We have the example of our neighbors São Pedro do Iguaçu and Diamante do Oeste, which today do not have a hospital in the municipality. But the operating and operational expenses are high, the monthly account does not close, because there are expenses that cannot be paid with public resources. Let’s take care of OUR HOSPITAL, WHICH TAKES CARE OF SO MANY PEOPLE together; By donating to the “virtual crowdfunding” you will be contributing to the payment of pending issues acquired over time, or even to the payment of any unexpected eventuality. On the other hand, we will have a healthy Hospital, with clear accountability and a population that will have access to care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by doctors, nurses, technicians, to take care of their health, in an intact space. and safe for each of us. For this we need the solidarity of: ➡️Todos those who once needed it; ➡️Todos who need it today; ➡️Todos who will still need it in the future; ➡️And also those who never needed it and maybe never will, but who are sensitive to all the others.THE HOSPITAL IS OURS, let’s take care of his health!!! Every donation makes a difference.

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