Monkeypox: 10 reasons for optimism

  • Raúl Rivas Gonzalez
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With the emergence of cases on different continents, monkeypox has become a global health concern.

Before we manage to leave behind the covid-19 pandemic, another virus, that of monkeypox, is coming with force in the global context.

Monkeypox is a rare viral disease that is endemic in some African countries. However, within days, dozens of cases of the disease were confirmed in at least 12 countries outside Africa. The first appeared in the UK and was reported on the 7th of May. The patient had recently traveled to Nigeria, where he is believed to have contracted the virus before returning to the UK.

The detection of the virus in an infinity of patients and in populations distant from each other, around the world, in a few days, caused a scientific, sanitary, administrative and social alert. The cases reported so far are not linked to travel to endemic areas, but it is possible that some recent mass event has acted as an amplifying focus.

Epidemiological investigations are ongoing. As surveillance increases in non-endemic countries, it is very likely that more cases of monkeypox will be identified and confirmed.

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