Multilaser launches car stereo that promises to transform the cell phone into a multimedia center

THE multilaser launched in the Brazilian market the Evolve Connect, a new sound system for cars that promises to transform the user’s cell phone into a multimedia center via the SmartLink app, available for Android and iOS.

According to the company, from this connection, the user has a complete view of the Evolve Connect features through the cell phone screen, being able to execute all commands from the device.

With this junction it is possible, for example, with a few clicks, or simply via voice command, make calls, connect with GPS and check messages. Evolve Connect also has an LCD panel and full touch buttons with RGB.

THE product still has Bluetooth connectionwhich provides the user with access to the functions of voice commands and calls while driving, allowing interaction with the equipment more safely, without losing focus on the route.

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The device still comes with two USB ports; one for media playback and one for fast smartphone charging. The new sound system also features two pairs of RCA outputs for high-quality sound system installations.

Still according to Multilaser, the Evolve Connect also has an FM radio with memory for up to 18 stations. All the songs played can be equalized according to the preferences of each user.

price and availability

the car stereo Evolve Connect can now be purchased on the official website of multilaser and in partner store chains. THE suggested price is R$ 303.90 in cash or for BRL 319.90 in 12 installments of BRL 26.65.

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