New look! Updated Google Calculator with tablet-optimized design; see how it turned out

Google revealed during the I/O 2022 event that it will streamline the design of dozens of its apps for tablet users. After the improvements made available to Lens, we discovered this Wednesday (25) that the Calculator is the next tool that will receive improvements for large screens.

Currently, Google’s Calculator is just a “stretched” interface of the mobile version, resulting in oversized buttons. With version 8.2 of the app, the layout will be adapted in a two-column format: on the right, the user can find the number and symbol buttons; on the left, the calculation history.

The interface will allow the user to quickly hide additional buttons and logic functions — such as square root, factorial and the number pi (3.14159…) — to expand the pad numeric with slightly larger buttons, adopting the same elements as Material You.

The changes are welcome amid growing demand for devices that can multitask more quickly. Users won’t need to look up the calculation history in a specific menu — instead, just rotate the tablet to landscape orientation and get a more complete and intuitive interface.

Calculator 8.2 is now available to some users through an update on the Google Play Store itself, but the 9to5Google notes that the app should be released to all users only over the next few days. Since I/O 2022, big tech has been releasing several improvements to the ecosystem, including the addition of Real Tone to Photos.

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