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Role-playing game fans have many reasons to celebrate. THE “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds” is now available for download on PC, Android and iOS. The game takes place within the same universe as the Ni no Kuni franchise, but brings new characters and a new world for players to explore.

In the open world RPG you have to choose between five characters of different classes to start the adventure. The classes are: Swordsman, Witch, Archer, Engineer and Destroyer, and to succeed in the game it is necessary to combine the classes very well to overcome challenges and defeat enemies.

Netmarble, the game’s developer, wants to surprise not only with its visuals, but also with a story that captivates and excites game players.

Check out the trailer for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds:

At first glance the game resembles another successful RPG, which is also available for mobile devices, Genshin Impact. While the combat mechanics are somewhat similar, the method of exploring the map is quite different. In addition, the game features PvP arena, a game mode in which players can face each other in epic fights and that has not yet reached Genshin Impact.

The game’s graphics are very neat and draw a lot of attention. The title was developed in Unreal Engine 4Epic Games’ game development platform.

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