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monkey pox virus (photo: CDC/Disclosure)

The first disease eradicated in history, smallpox received this title in 1980 by the World Health Organization (WHO), after a great effort to vaccinate the world population. With monkeypox infections increasing, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) reinforced the importance of health protection measures adopted at airports and aircraft.

Despite the absence of reported cases in Brazilian territory and the low probability of uncontrolled transmission rates, according to experts, one cannot let one’s guard down for the virus, which can be carried during air travel.

In a note, Anvisa drew attention to the actions provided for in Resolution RDC No. 456/2020. “Such non-pharmacological measures, such as physical distancing whenever possible, the use of protective masks and frequent hand hygiene, have the power to protect the individual and the community not only against covid-19, but also against other diseases. “.

The health authority stated that it remains alert and vigilant regarding the national and international epidemiological scenario, and that it monitors available data and the evolution of the disease, in order to be able to adjust actions in due course, if necessary to protect the health of the population.

Infectious disease specialist Hemerson Luz reiterates the benefits of care, and argues that washing your hands and using masks is essential. “Precautionary measures to avoid the contact of diseases by contact or droplets are of paramount importance. In Brazil, we have Anvisa that is highly qualified to follow up and monitor the world casustic and contain the entry of the disease in the country”.

For the epidemiologist at the University of Brasilia Jonas Brant, it is still too early to talk about the use of masks and isolation. “We are still talking about an outbreak of the disease that still has the possibility of traceability, of trying to break the chains of transmission and prevent the number of cases from increasing. being these but still early”.

In the case of professionals who care for people with suspected disease, however, the epidemiologist says that the use of the N95 mask is essential, as well as the isolation of cases to avoid breaking the transmission chains.

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