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Adair Gomez/Agência Minas
Photo: Adair Gomez/Agência Minas

The unit was the target of several complaints, but Fhemig defended himself

The Júlia Kubitschek Hospital, in the Barreiro region in Belo Horizonte, underwent a technical visit by state deputies and members of the Single Union of Health Workers of Minas Gerais (Sind-Saúde/MG) this Wednesday (25). The action aimed to investigate the delay in releasing the emergency sector of the unit, and led to a series of complaints of irregularities.

“We verified the closure of the hospital’s urgency and emergency sector. We identified that these services are not fully functioning, not ready care. Paula Siqueira (Network).

The congresswoman added that the state executive committed, in a hearing, to reopen the 30 emergency beds, which would not have happened. Siqueira maintains that even worse situations were found in the hospital.

“We found an attempt to make up the Government of Minas in relation to the emergency sector. Three families would have been transferred shortly before our arrival, to make it appear that the ward was working, but they did not know the reason for the transfer. a week in the hospital, waiting for tests. This is playing with human dignity”, he says.

Also during the visit, the deputy pointed to the precariousness of the facilities at Júlia Kubitschek, “with complaints in the corridors that there were no electric showers in several wings, with patients taking cold showers”. She also cited a warehouse for hospital supplies, where there would be old items and out of order along with new beds and respirators, which would be “filling with dust”.

What does Fhemig say?

In a note, the Hospital Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (Fhemig) said that “the unit follows the legal standards in force for the purchase of equipment, supplies and hospital materials”. He also explained that the information that patients are without hygiene care is not valid.

Regarding the transfer of families, the entity said that there was a need for “internal relocation to open isolation beds for symptomatic cases of Covid-19”.

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