The Callisto Protocol has spooky new footage

The Callisto Protocol continues without much explanation about its plot, but it is indisputable that the theme and setting are to give a shine to the eyes of Dead Space fans. New screenshots of the project have been revealed and show that the game draws heavily from the “big brother” font — after all, both are produced by the same developers.

The photos are from the 346th issue of the Game Informer digital magazine, posted on Twitter by the user “Okami13_” — who is a subscriber to the periodical. Apart from the arts, it was also reported that the title has ranged and melee combat, and the enemies are called “Biophages”. In addition, it will be crossgen and is on track to arrive in 2022.

first tweet — New screenshots of The Callisto Protocol via Game Informer.

second tweet — The details about the game in the Game Informer cover story.

  • Crossgen confirmed.
  • On track to arrive in 2022.
  • Includes melee and ranged combat.
  • Enemies are called Biophages.
  • Jacob, the main character, can use “GRP” abilities to pull things to him, etc.

The look of the creatures is chilling, not to mention the setting of the space prison, where some places are very reminiscent of the dark rooms of the spaceship Ishimura from Dead Space. The Callisto Protocol looks like a horror game with good potential.

Will The Callisto Protocol appear at Summer Game Fest 2022?

As the Striking Distances Studios game still doesn’t have that much information revealed, will it be able to appear in the Summer Game Fest 2022 presentation? Well, if he’s still “on track” to arrive this year, it’s good to keep an eye out. Check out more details about the event!

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