Turvo resumes publication of newsletters after increase in Covid-19 cases

Faced with the increase in cases of flu symptoms, the Municipal Secretary of Health of Turvo resumed daily newsletters to monitor and monitor the situation of the coronavirus.

Health secretary, nurse Renata Pacheco Ribeiro, notes that there is a concern to reduce the spread of the virus. “We follow the cases of Covid-19. At times we were zero, low rates, but in recent weeks there has been an increase and we are betting on prevention to avoid a greater spread. It is a new reality to experience, but we see that maintaining prevention brings many benefits”, he emphasizes.

Vaccination along with care brought a breakthrough in the fight against the virus. “We need to learn to live with the virus and understand what to do to contain the cases. The flu brings harm to everyone, with medical certificates, malaise, medication use, among other discomforts and expenses. Some people may be more sensitive to the symptoms and have even more debilitation”, recalls the secretary.

the doctor, Giane Michele Frare Peckemphasizes that maintaining vaccination against Covid-19 and Influenza is important, in addition to, above all, keeping the mask when there is flu symptom to avoid contamination.

From Tuesday, the 24th, bulletins will be issued between Monday and Friday. On Tuesday there were 29 active cases of covid-19 and this Wednesday there were already 36 active cases.

Collaboration: Turvo Press Office

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