Visit finds several irregularities at Júlia Kubitschek Hospital

A technical visit by state deputies and the Single Union of Health Workers of the State of Minas Gerais (Sind-Saúde MG) to investigate the delay in releasing the emergency sector of the Júlia Kubitschek hospital, in Belo Horizonte, gave rise to a series of complaints of unit irregularities. Among them is the attempt to ‘make up’ the wing to look like it is being used.

The place intended for patients who need urgent care has been closed since 2020, when it was redirected to exclusive care for Covid-19 patients.

On April 28, the Hospital Foundation of Minas Gerais (Fhemig) said it would open another 30 infirmary beds in the sector, which would be reactivated. But what hospital servers claim is that until Tuesday night (24), the emergency ward would still not be in operation. In the morning, some patients who were hospitalized in other wards of the hospital were transferred to the site moments before the technical visit.

The Municipal Civil Guard, Regis Fernando Botelho, 34, was at the scene accompanying the mother and said that the change of sector occurred to the prisoners.

“We came to the sector today. Before, we were in the infirmary, where the shower is burnt”, denounces the guard, who adds. “They only said it was to occupy the space, so we went down here and we are here until now,” said the man.

“Initially, the objective of the visit was to verify the suspension of emergency and urgent care and with the impacts on women’s health, but it ended up that we found situations here that were even more serious than the lack of this service”, points out deputy Ana Paula Siqueira. (Network), which led the visit.

“We identified an attempt at makeup and, we can say, even a fraud in emergency care. The ward is very beautiful, very well set up, new equipment. However, we found three families there, recently transferred less than 40 minutes ago”, he denounces. Ana Paula.

In addition to the suspicion that the sector has not yet resumed care, as was the case before the pandemic, there is a complaint that other health units in the region are crowded with patients who wait up to 24 hours to get an appointment.

Also according to the deputy, another situation encountered was the lack of doctors for care. “We identified the absence of four doctors. According to the coordinator of the unit, a selection process is being carried out, but there is still no set date for them to be supplied. So, this generates an overload on the professionals who are already there, a greater expense for the State ; they are working in an extraordinary regime”, he says.

In a note, Fhemig highlighted that, in relation to shower facilities, “the information that patients are without hygiene care is not correct. Some wards are undergoing structural reforms and modernization of the electrical network; however, without interruption of the assistance routine.

Regarding the transfer of patients between hospital wings, the entity said that “there was a need for internal relocation to open isolation beds for symptomatic cases of Covid-19 admitted in recent days”.

Fhemig also stated that “this month, 30 infirmary beds were opened in the HJK Emergency Unit, which already receive cases referred to by the Central de Leitos, as a backup for the UPA’s. pandemic”.

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