Which foods cause the most gas? Nutritionist informs 6 of them

There is no escape: the human body produces gases. Although this is a natural physiological response, it is undeniable that some people seem to have a greater ability to produce gases than others.

The accumulation of gas can cause uncomfortable situations, such as abdominal bloating and colic, in addition to being embarrassing in some cases.

Tudo Bahia talked about this subject with nutritionist Hortência Kettelen Souza Luz, who has a degree from the Federal University of Goiás and is currently undergoing a residency in Intensive Care.

She explained to us that foods known to produce gas are those that have a large amount of fiber and carbohydrates. Upon reaching the intestine, they undergo a fermentation process, so that all their components are properly digested.

This fermentation is responsible for causing gas, abdominal bloating, cramps and, of course, flatulence. The level of gas production varies from organism to organism, so not everyone suffers from this issue.

According to the nutritionist, the foods that most cause gas are:

  1. Bean;
  2. Broccoli;
  3. fruits;
  4. Milk and dairy products;
  5. Soft drinks;
  6. Oat.

If you have problems with the excessive production of gases, the ideal is to schedule a consultation with a nutritionist. This professional will be able to evaluate your diet and prescribe the necessary changes so that you have fewer symptoms.

In addition, in the case of preparing beans, for example, leaving the beans to soak in cold water overnight, before cooking, is a measure that usually helps those who suffer from excess gas.

When soaking, beans and other legumes have a smaller amount of oligosaccharides, which is a type of carbohydrate that enhances the production of gases in the intestine.

In addition, the technique works for other legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils and soybeans.

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