COVID: Minas negotiates expansion of the fourth dose with the Federal Government – Gerais

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The negotiation is important because, according to Baccherett, the state does not have the amount of vaccines necessary for the expansion to occur. (photo: Pedro Gontijo/MG Press)

Minas Gerais intends to expand the group of people who can receive the fourth or second booster dose. The measure is associated with the loss of validity of the vaccine against COVID-19, stored by the Federal Government, and, therefore, negotiating with the Ministry of Health.

The information from the State Health Secretary, physician Fbio Baccheretti, during a press conference this Thursday morning (5/26).

“The Federal Government released the second booster dose for people over 80 years of age, and Minas, which had a stock of vaccine, reduced this coverage to 60 years. Today, we will take the use of vaccines for a resolution to the Ministry of Health, in order to expand the target audience, considering the time for the third dose”, he said.

The negotiation is important because, according to Baccheretti, the state does not have the amount of vaccines needed for the expansion to take place. “There is a medium-term risk that the vaccines that are with the Federal Government will lose their validity and, therefore, we are trying to convince him of the importance of expanding the fourth dose”, he explained.

The secretary highlighted that, according to studies linked to the vaccine against COVID-19, the third dose (or first booster) for people who are not immunocompromised or are not over 60 years old is effective in protection. “There is no short-term loss of immunity and, therefore, this population is protected. However, we believe that the fourth dose will make a difference,” he said.

Number of cases increases, but the number of deaths remains stable

In addition, according to Baccheretti, despite the fact that the number of people infected with the disease has risen again in Minas Gerais, the number of deaths in the state remains low in relation to contaminated citizens, with 752 municipalities in Minas Gerais having not died from death for 30 days. COVID-19.

The secretary says that the scenario was already expected, since the disease will have a seasonal nature, and in colder times, such as autumn and winter, the risk of respiratory diseases is greater. “COVID-19 will increase. What we are observing now is nothing more than expected. There are no new strains, it is not a moment of immunization fragility of the population”, highlights the doctor.

Also according to Baccheretti, some regions of the state have presented higher rates of cases of coronavirus contamination than others, as in the case of Uberaba and Uberlndia, in the Tringulo Mineiro region. Even so, the secretary foresees a moment of stabilization in the region, with a tendency to decrease.

Currently, Minas has 60 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants, based on data from the Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG). “Very low compared to what we experienced in January and February of this year”, highlights Baccheretti.

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