Geap increases 2.26%, but ‘regulator’ ANP exaggerates with 15.5%

The 15.5% increase authorized by the “regulatory agency” ANS in individual health plans is the largest in history, well above inflation and operators’ needs, as evidenced by the 2.26% readjustment of Geap, the public servant health. The ANP pursues the objective of improving the revenue of the giants, in the individual plans, and of forcing the withdrawal or migration of customers from individual plans, increasingly inaccessible, to collective plans, whose increases the operators define.

ANS pays allegiance to large operators, and does not explain why health plans like Geap survive without exploiting the clientele

By setting such a low rate for its more than 280,000 beneficiaries, Geap proves that it is possible to provide quality services at an honest price.

The collusion against the individual health plan began with the resolution of the ANS, as the giants wanted, creating collective plans.

The ANS decided that the values ​​of the collective plans will be negotiated between the parties. The “negotiation” between the neck and the razor, it goes without saying.

Senator Simonte Tebet. Photo: Disclosure

In MS, Tebet’s husband helps Bolsonaro’s PSDB

Senator Simone Tebet, pre-candidate for president for the MDB, is not having an easy life. She faces the distrust of an important part of the PSDB and even the MDB of Mato Grosso do Sul, her state. Everyone is on the back foot, very suspicious. The senator’s husband, licensed state deputy Eduardo Rocha, also affiliated with the MDB, is head of the Civil House of the government of… Reinaldo Azambuja, of the PSDB.

The problem is that husband Eduardo Rocha has been going to pre-campaign meetings of the toucan candidate for governor of MS, Eduardo Riedel.

The detail is that Eduardo Riedel supports the reelection of Jair Bolsonaro, opponent of Rocha’s wife, and has asked for support for the president.

The MDB-MS group is waiting for the senator to resolve their inconsistencies before launching the campaign.

power without shame

confused time

2002 World Cup in Japan. Capixaba legend says that councilor Pelaes arrived at the bar Triângulo das Bermudas, in Vitória, full of fans. He sat down, ordered a beer, and before the images of the crowd watching Italy v Cameroon, he said: “They say that Brazilians like football. Who likes football is Japanese. It’s two in the morning and look how they cheer!”

After all the noise at the launch of Simone Tebet’s pre-candidacy for president, in addition to all the pressure for the toucan João Doria to withdraw, the senator appeared with only 2% in yesterday’s Datafolha.

Lula criticized, in 2016, the election of “non-politicians”, such as the former mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), who yesterday posed for a photo with the ex-convict to close the PSD-PT union, in Minas Gerais. .

According to Our World in Data, Brazil is approaching the praised Canada in the vaccination effort against covid. First world country, with free healthcare, Canada vaccinated 86.5% of the population. Brazil, 85.7%.

This week marks the six-year anniversary of the launch of Operation Janus, an offshoot of Lava Jato, in which the Federal Police were investigating PT Lula for international influence peddling in favor of Odebrecht.

Quote of the day


Senator Eduardo Girão (Pode-CE), about TCU sending Dallagnol “return” R$3 million

For President Jair Bolsonaro, “those most responsible for the harsh consequences for communities in operations are the bandits themselves” when facing the law and putting their lives – and innocent people – at risk.

Datafolha predicts that PT Lula will win the election for president in the 2nd round with more than 25 points of advantage over President Jair Bolsonaro. It doesn’t even have to be, as commentator Milton Neves would say.

In defending the operation, Senator Eduardo Girão (Pode-CE) said that Lava Jato was “a light that was finally starting to lighten centuries of darkness, with a predominance of corruption and impunity”.

Activists in Brazil repeat the curious behavior of the American press: instead of demanding action against the current Joe Biden, they try to blame former President Donald Trump for the massacre in Texas.

…at this point in the championship, it’s always good to separate research from kicking.

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