Is it better to treat obesity with drugs and surgery?

It is a fact that weight is lost through surgical interventions or pharmacological treatments, however, studies prove that changing habits is essential. Medicines can be used as a resource to bring motivation or additional gains in a critical phase. However, it is necessary to understand that, looking at its mechanism of action, there is no real possibility of promoting weight loss without a real lifestyle change.

The fight against obesity involves several important aspects. Among them, good habits are at the top as they will boost your results and ensure that the lost weight is maintained in the long term.

Although the diet is commonly placed as the protagonist of weight loss, the practice of physical activity should never be neglected for both health and weight loss. The recommendation is to do aerobics and weight training, if that is your goal.

A study published this year evaluated data from 22,822 adults. In it, it was found that doing at least 150 minutes of aerobics and twice a week of weight training reduced by 27% the risk of being overweight; in 58%, obesity; and in 75%, having grade II obesity.

Brazil has about 160 million people over 18 years old, of which 21.5% (34.4 million) are obese and 36.5% (58.4 million) are overweight. Don’t be lax with physical activity and healthy eating habits. This duo is the key to health in abundance.

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