Pedro Paulo Rangel faces irreversible health problem and warns that he is not invalid

Pedro Paulo Rangel, who is on the air as Calixto from O Cravo e a Rosa, clarified some rumors that appeared on the web and warned that he does not lack willingness to exercise his craft. “I saw news that I was sick, that I stopped working. I wanted to deny that. I actually have a chronic disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), caused by smoking. It absolutely doesn’t stop me from working“, he explained, in an interview with Patrícia Kogut’s column in Jornal o Globo.

The veteran also told how he takes care of the problem. “I take medication, I have a routine. I do physical therapy. I just can’t walk many meters, I can’t, it makes me short of breath. But on stage I walk perfectly. On the streets I use a scooter. home and get around. I don’t want to walk and stop every hundred meters to breathe. I’m not an invalid who is in bed. It was very annoying when I read this. It’s unpleasant,” he lamented.

The actor discovered the disease in 2002, four years after quitting smoking. “It shows no signs, it’s an insidious disease. When it appears, babau. It has no cure, it’s irreversible and progressive. I had already stopped smoking, but the damage was done. And I’m a radical ex-smoker. I can’t see someone with a cigarette in front of me. I say: ‘Don’t do that, look at my situation’. Smoking is a terrible addiction”, he pointed out.

Pedro Paulo Rangel attributes rumors about his life to the rerun of O Cravo e a Rosa

Pedro Paulo Rangel faces irreversible health problem and warns that he is not invalid
Calixto (Pedro Paulo Rangel) and Mimosa (Suely Franco) at the time of O Cravo e a Rosa – Cristiana Isidora/TV Globo

Also to the same publication, Pedro Paulo Rangel said that he thinks these rumors about his life arose because of the success of the rerun of O Cravo e a Rosa. “It’s a greater visibility, right? It’s always a hit when it reruns. It was very pleasant to do. Every now and then I watch it. I talk a lot with Suely Franco. She calls me and says: ‘The soap opera is in that part of the kiss’. Then I’ll look and comment. We’re very good friends”, he said, citing the actress who played her romantic partner in Walcyr Carrasco’s plot.

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