Pharmacies and health centers register lack of medicines for respiratory problems in the region of Campinas | Campinas and Region

Pharmacies, hospitals and health centers in the region of Campinas (SP) are lack of some medications used to treat breathing and lung problems, especially in children. The situation was found this week in the units and the shortage was confirmed by the Ministry of Health this Thursday (26).

In the metropolis, the city hall said it is changing medications for alternatives so that treatments are not interrupted. Pharmacies respond to customers that there is a lack of raw material, and industries do not have the forecast to normalize distribution. The survey was carried out by the production of EPTVan affiliate of TV Globo.

Among the hard-to-find remedies are antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and corticosteroids.such as Amoxicillin, Azithromycin, Flixotide and Predinisone.

Map shows lack of medicine in the basic health network of Campinas — Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

On social media, the report of a resident of Jaguariúna (SP) drew attention. She made an appeal for a medicine for her young daughter’s asthma after visiting pharmacies in the city, and traveled 48km to Itapira (SP) to buy the product.

“I had already been to at least 30 pharmacies and they didn’t have them. Because of this publication and some followers, I got this drug for a month or two. But what about other mothers who don’t have it?”, said photographer Natália Freitas. The daughter has been in treatment for eight months and needs the medicine several times a day.

The Ministry of Health said in a note that it is working together with municipal and state health councils, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and representatives of the pharmaceutical industries to try to minimize product shortages.

Child needs asthma medicine several times a day in Campinas, and mother faces lack of product in pharmacies — Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

Beds crowded by respiratory syndromes

The difficulty occurs in the midst of crowded beds in the children’s wards of hospitals due to respiratory and lung diseases, among others. Campinas, for example, has faced capacity in public hospitals for almost two months.

This Wednesday (25th), of the 54 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the SUS for children, only one was vacant at Unicamp’s Hospital de Clínicas (HC) – and this is a reality on Wednesday afternoon, and that changes rapidly with the arrival of new patients in need of hospitalization.

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Low body defense

The high number of cases of children with respiratory diseases, and the consequent search for more drugs to treat the symptoms, may originate from the isolation that was necessary in the most critical periods of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hypothesis was raised by pediatrician Tadeu Fernandes, a member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and a physician in Campinas. He claims that the demand has increased in health facilities because of the low defense of children’s bodies, especially those born since 2019.

The immune system is deficient because they have not had as much contact with common day-to-day viruses in schools and other environments, for example, to form antibodies and strengthen their defenses.

“If you exercise your arm every day, it becomes strong. But if it is immobilized, it will become weak when you need to use it. The immune system is the same thing. This direct contact of children in the day to day of a day care center , a little school, they come into contact with the viruses, and the immune system matures day by day”.

“There was a non-development of the immune system. So, now the children are going back to school, the immune system is immature, the school circulating the viruses because of the dry, polluted and cold weather, and that’s where the whole story begins”, he adds.

Campinas Pharmacy reports lack of medication for respiratory problems — Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

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