Practical Guide: Career Building [Mês da Enfermagem]

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Hello, we are from Nursebook and we know that there are many doubts about the possibilities of employment relationships for nursing, thinking about it, we created this guide that will help you to solve these doubts and direct you in what is possible to do to start to undertake, for example.

The Nursing that we have today is a world full of possibilities and among them, new options of not being in the traditional job market, such as hospitals and health clinics, and it is up to you to decide what you will do with all these possibilities.

On this journey down the yellow brick road of the nurse
entrepreneur to the emerald city of realization
professional, it will take a dose of courage, but we can
guarantee that you will never be the same again.

The Nurse, whose profession is regulated by Law nº 7.498, of June 25, 1986, in 2022 has a large universe of possibilities to apply all the knowledge acquired during the years of study and the experiences in the profession. Much of this is due to the great technological advances in the health area and the expansion of the available job market and it is no wonder that more and more segments and activities have been regulated by the Federal Nursing Council – COFEN.

This guide was built with the objective of helping the professional nurse in their workday. In a clear and objective way, the main employment relationships and how marketing can boost your career will be addressed, in addition to bringing what is the new trend in technology in the health area.

Downloaded it now and happy reading!


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