Study indicates 7 habits to reduce risk of dementia

Researchers at the University of Mississippi in the United States have listed seven healthy lifestyle habits that can reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia by up to 43%.

According to the study, published this Wednesday (25/5) in the journal Neurology, the risk is considerably lower for people who can control blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, are physically active, follow a healthy diet. , keep their weight under control and do not smoke.


To measure the influence of lifestyle habits on brain health, Professor Adrienne Tin analyzed medical data from approximately 12,000 people with an average age of 50 years that were recorded over three decades.

Participants were given a score according to how strongly they adhered to each of the seven habits listed. When cross-referencing the health information, the researchers found that among the healthiest volunteers there were virtually no cases of dementia.

They concluded that the lifestyle helps, including helping people with a genetic predisposition to avoid neurocognitive disorder. By the end of the survey, 2,234 people had developed dementia.

The researchers recommend a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and nuts to ensure health, avoiding the consumption of drinks high in sugar and processed and fatty meats. According to the job, the body should be stimulated with at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise.

The 7 habits that prevent dementia:

  • 1 – Control blood pressure;
  • 2 – Control blood sugar;
  • 3 – Keep cholesterol at adequate levels;
  • 4 – Control the weight;
  • 5 – Maintain a healthy diet;
  • 6 – Practice physical exercises;
  • 7 -No smoking.

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