Unimed-BH invests in IT professionals and launches free training

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Bootcamp Gerao Tech Unimed-BH: registration goes until June 12 (photo: Drika Vianna/Disclosure)

Unimed-BH, a medical work cooperative operating in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte and with more than 1.4 million clients, in a partnership with DIO, a technology education platform and a recruitment academy with more than 800 thousand professionals of IT, conceived the intensive training (bootcamp) Gerao Tech Unimed-BH. There will be 10,000 grants for developers from all over Brazil to sign up and train.

With the scholarships, Unimed-BH intends to further foster the development of people in technology and train them for the job market. Furthermore, the Cooperative wants to reinforce its presence in the market as a pioneer in the launch of innovative health services.

“Our purpose with the technological environment is to revolutionize health, generate continuous learning, opportunities for professional growth and a diverse and inclusive work environment. We also have a strong commitment to our community, which is why we are investing in training professionals to serve the IT market”, says the CEO of Unimed-BH, Frederico Peret.

After the program, Unimed-BH intends to hire dozens of professionals within the following prerequisites: minimum of one year of experience, complete graduation and that resides, or has availability to move, to Belo Horizonte, since the vacancies are in model hybrid. Interested people can register through the link (click here) until the 12/06.
To achieve its goal, Unimed-BH has partnered with one of the largest training platforms in the tech sector in Brazil. According to Igl Generoso, CEO of DIO, Gerão Tech Unimed-BH came to transform people’s lives and careers and aims to reach thousands of developers from all regions of Brazil and deliver even more educational experiences and cutting-edge technology to those who complete the journey.

“Unimed-BH arrives in our ecosystem to reinforce DIO’s mission to open doors for democratic technology education in Brazil, focusing on transforming lives through real opportunities for education and entry into the job market.”

The choice of doing a bootcamp is justified because this is an intensive format teaching model, in which the main purpose is to quickly develop professional skills and competences.

Those enrolled will be fully immersed in learning for a period of a few weeks, and leave with the necessary preparation to face the challenges of the job market.

The Gerao Tech Unimed-BH bootcamp track will train Fullstack professionals, that is, more generalists, and who, therefore, will be able to meet the needs of the market. There are 127 hours of immersion with four unique and exclusive mentorships for subscribers, six project challenges to develop the code challenges.


  • Event: Bootcamp Gerao Tech Unimed-BH
  • Program description: The Bootcamp will be in Learning Path format, containing the courses HTML, CSS, JS, ANGULAR (MVC), SQL-SERVER Database with specific T-SQL content and performance, BACKEND DOT NET.
  • hourly load: 127 hours of immersion with four unique mentorships.
  • Learn more: Registration by the link until June 12th. Click here.

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