Elden Ring: Fans Call Elon Musk’s Build The Worst Ever

Billionaire Elon Musk has been a longtime fan of video games, having even programmed a game when he was just 12 years old. In his most recent positioning on the subject, the rich man showed on Twitter his build in Elden Ring and left a lot of people confused.

It all started after the possible new owner of Twitter made a post saying that From Software’s RPG has the “most beautiful art” he’s ever seen. In the responses, a player asked for tips on the game, until Musk posted a screenshot of his character.

Called by some users “the worst build ever”, the entrepreneur defined his Tainted as a “powerful but decent mage with a sword/katana”. The confusion started there, since despite the points in Intelligence and Mind, the character has heavy armor and two swords equipped.

The swords are even equipped in the same right hand as the staff, which prevents the casting of spells. Another oddity is that he equipped two shields in his left hand, which for players doesn’t make sense, since in addition to only adding weight, it’s only possible to use one shield at a time.

The at least different combination drew attention because Musk said he would decrease the weight if necessary, which should be normal for those who intend to play. Elden Ring with a more magical build. A lighter weight is essential for this type of character to be able to move more nimbly and even roll faster to dodge attacks.

Regarding the talismans there is also strangeness, as he uses items such as the Green Turtle Talisman and Radagon’s Soreseal, which are aimed more at characters with physical weapons build and status.

And you, what did you think of Elon Musk’s build in Elden Ring? Do you think he’s doing well against Malenia, Godrick, Radahn, Morgott and co? Tell us at twitter from Voxel!

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