Health Department does not record death by Covid, but moving average of cases rises almost 50% in RS | Rio Grande do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul did not register, this Friday (27), no death as a result of Covid-19. Thus, the state remains with the same 39,490 victims of the disease.

THE moving average of deaths is nine daily records. As, 14 days ago, the average was seven deaths, there was a 29% increase in the period, which means uptrend. See the chart below.

Moving average of deaths in RS

Deaths, on average, in the last seven days

Source: SES-RS, g1 RS and consortium of press vehicles

However, the State Health Department (SES) notified 5,830 more infected, bringing the state to 2,420,245 records across the entire pandemic. Of the total known cases, there are 32,871 people in recovery, that is, with the virus active in the body. The number equates to about 1.4% of the total known cases.

Others 2,347,748 people are considered recovered (97%). The apparent case fatality rate, which is the proportion of deaths among known cases, is 1.7%.

THE daily average of cases it’s from 4,904 infections per day in the last week. the indicator rose 48% compared to the average of 14 days ago, showing uptrend. See the chart below.

Moving average of cases in RS

Coronavirus cases, on average, in the last seven days

Source: SES-RS, G1 and consortium of press vehicles

Us clinical bedsaccording to the latest update, 550 patients have confirmation and 160 are suspected of Covid.

The occupancy rate of ICU beds in Rio Grande do Sul is 73%, with 1,818 patients in 2,495 spaces. There are eight more patients than those seen the day before.

Of the total number of people in intensive care, 11% have Covid (132 people) or suspected disease (64 people).

Once again, the region of Cachoeira do Sul serves more patients, with and without Covid, than the capacity in critical beds in the public network. In the regions of Lajeado, Pelotas and Novo Hamburgo, occupancy in the private network is higher than 100%. In other locations in the state, ICU beds operate with available places.

The vaccinometer shows 4,859,313 peopleie, 42.3% of the population with the three-dose or two-dose regimen, for those who received the first of Janssen.

In addition, other 192,000 additional doses were given to people with low immunity and others 345,584, as a second reinforcement. Since last week, the state authorizes the application of the fourth dose for people over 60 years.

Nonetheless, 2.9 million people are overdue for reinforcementBesides 732 thousand who did not even complete the primary vaccination schedule.

  • No children or adolescents died from the vaccine, points out the Ministry of Health

There are still 9,132,210 people (79.6%) with the two doses of CoronaVac, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines or the single dose of Janssen. Also in this contingent are 35.1% of vaccinated children who received two doses.

THE first dose of CoronaVac, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines was applied in 9,668,923 people (84.3%). Among them, 579 thousand children between five and 11 years old, which correspond to 60.1% of this public.

  • Vaccination map: see the situation in each state

The consortium of press vehicles uses updated data from the IBGE. Therefore, the data may differ slightly from the official surveys of the Health Departments.

Vaccination in RS

Percentage of population covered by the vaccine

Source: SES-RS and g1 RS

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