MIDDLE AND SUPERIOR: Public notice for a selection process with more than a thousand vacancies for the health area is published

The Paraiba Foundation for Health Management (PB Health Foundation) released a new public notice for the selection process. In all, 1,041 vacancies are offered. The chances are for a fixed-term contract in positions at the medium, technical and higher levels. The document was published in this Tuesday’s edition (24/5) of the Official State Gazette (DOE).

Of the number of vacancies, 105 are for immediate hiring and 936 for reserve registration. The nominees will have remuneration ranging from R$1,212 to R$1,500. Also according to the notice, the remuneration varies depending on the workload, which changes according to the function.

Check out the positions covered:

Middle level

pharmacy assistant

building maintenance assistant


Technical level

Instrumentation in cardiac surgery;

Instrumentation in neurological surgery;

Nursing technician;

Hospital medical equipment technician;

Hydraulic maintenance technician.

Higher level



Physician – cardiovascular surgery;

Doctor – thoracic surgery;

Doctor – pediatric surgery;

Physician – anesthesiology;

Cardiology physician – specialty in echocardiography;

Cardiology physician – interventionist (hemodynamics);

Physician – adult intensive care;

Physician – pediatric intensive care;

Physician – interventional radiology and angioradiology;

Physician – general surgery;

Physician – neurosurgery;

Physician – cardiology – specialty in arrhythmology;

Interventional neuroradiology physician;

Physician – radiology.


Interested parties should pay attention to the registration deadline, which is already open and continues until next Sunday (29/5). To apply, interested parties must fill out a form.

After filling in the information, it is necessary to send an identification document with photo, front and back, scanned in a single file and in pdf format.

Finally, the candidate must complete the online curriculum, on the same website, with the sending of supporting documentation, also in pdf format, for each item marked on the form.


Candidates for admission to Fundação PB Saúde will be selected through objective tests, of an eliminatory and qualifying nature, scheduled for June 5th.

For mid-level, technical and radiologist positions, the tests will be from 9 am to 11 am. For other higher-level positions, the test will be held from 14:00 to 16:00.

The questions will include questions about Portuguese Language, Logical Reasoning Specific Knowledge. Those approved will be called according to the needs of Fundação PB Saúde, following the order of classification.

The selection process will be valid for 12 months, counting from the date of publication of the approval of the result, and may be extended for an equal period, at the discretion of the Foundation.

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